Yeah? So’s Your Uncle!

A certain ditzy Canadian blogger turns 30 tomorrow. You remember – the one that I said might be related to me?

Last night on IM…

Dania: I checked with my mom. There’s only a couple of Braces. It’s hard to read the writing. “C J Brace… 1892…”
Me: Good grief…
Dania: What?
Me: “Catherine Jane Brace, 13 April 1892″… That’s my great-grandmother.
Dania: Eeeeek!

Later in the conversation, she would read out more relatively illegible names, and I would give her the full names and dates. There are still some gaps, but at some level of removal, we are cousins.

Now I suppose, out of family loyalty, I must protest that Tracy included Dania as one of her first subjects in PETOD – People for the Ethical Treatment of Dumbasses. I mean, hasn’t everyone done this at least once, for cripes sakes?

OK, so maybe I’d better just sign up as one of the PETOD people, too.

Happy birthday, Dania!

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4 Responses to Yeah? So’s Your Uncle!

  1. Welcome to the Dark Side.

  2. Dania says:

    Who ya callin’ ditzy? I may be a HUGE dumbass but I ain’t ditzy 😉

    Happy VD..err Valetines Day!

  3. Gretchen says:

    What a small world… 🙂 Cool!

  4. It’s a small world….

    continuing Statia’s post…some of these are coincidences too…but anyways.. 1. There’s that whole Solonor thing. We just can’t figure out

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