You weren’t gonna win the lotto anyway, silly.

The Strengthen the Good network has come up with its first charity: The Gulf Coast Community Foundation Of Venice Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief Fund

Last Tuesday The GCCF of Venice Board of Directors voted to match contributions to its Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief Fund up to $100,000, noting they are “pleased to be able to offer a means for giving where 100% of the donations will be directed to the agencies providing the services required to sustain and improve life for the victims.”

Think about chipping in a buck or two to help your neighbors recover from this disaster – especially when you get twice as much bang for your buck! Just this week, take that dollar you were going to lose on the lottery and make it do double duty in Florida.

Meanwhile, outside the STG Net, I’m gonna get all “Charlie Church” on ya (bite me, Natalie) and remind you that your neighbors live beyond the imaginary grease pencil marks on a map. Kids are dying every day in Sudan, Haiti, Afghanistan, and other places outside the U.S. and (incredibly) inside it, too. There are scores of organizations dedicated to the fight against hunger. Pick one. Give them your spare change. Each quarter you dump out of your pocket before you go to bed can provide a meal to a starving kid.

(If you’re like me, you want to be sure your spare change gets to where it’s intended. That’s why Kids Against Hunger is a good choice. ‘cuz I know one of the executive directors and can lay the smackdown on her ass if it don’t, yo.)

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