Best. Awards. Ever.

Finally! Someone has had the intestinal fortitude… the chutzpah… the backbone… the (dare I say it?) genius to come up with a blogger award scheme that cuts to the true meaning of awardliness: Money.

That’s right, all you wannabe award hosts with your “Bloggies” and your “Best of’s” and your “Most Creative Use of Photoshop Not Involving Porn (Much),” the one-and-only Mighty Geek has beaten you at your little game.

While other awards shows have you sitting on your hands, tears slowly trickling down your face as you use every ounce of self-control to stop yourself from nominating your blog because no one else did (bastards), the Mighty Geek not only wants you to nominate yourself, he demands it. In fact, the only way you have a shot at his The Mighty Geek: Award Reward is to put yourself out there for it.

What’s the catch? There is no catch!

Besides the $25 award and the title of “Biggest Loser Willing to Grovel at the Feet of Geekman for $25,” there’s the pride in knowing that you won, dammit!

In your face, “Best Blog Promoting World Peace”!

Take that, “Bloggie for Artistic Achievement by a Gay/Lesbian Transvestite from Uganda”!

All you have to do is stop by and read the rules of The Mighty Geek: Award Reward and come up with an appropriately grovely award to present to The Mighty Geek, and you could be $25 richer and walk with the kind of swagger formerly reserved for American Idol runners-up!

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