I’ve waited this long… what’s another week?

E-mail from CDBABY just arrived:

We just got copies of LESTER NORTON: Like Sailors Do in the mail today. We keep the first one as the store copy to open, label, scan and digitize. From now on the exact amount you send is the amount we’ll sell. It’s only this very first time we have to keep that one aside as the opened/unsellable copy.

It’s in line now to be added to the CD Baby website and store. Please give us 5-10 days from now to get all the digitizing, editing, scanning, and page-making done. (This is also when we listen to it!)

We will email you the very minute it’s up on the website, OK?

Patience, grasshopper.

In the meantime, check out the Garageband and Last.FM pages for moi.

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6 Responses to I’ve waited this long… what’s another week?

  1. Linkmeister says:

    “the exact amount you send is the amount we’ll sell.”

    Er, so if you press and send a million copies they guarantee they’ll sell them all?

    So when does this appear on Billboard’s charts (with a bullet)?

    Ok, ok. Sounds great!

  2. Ric The Schmuck says:

    This is actually quite exciting. Vicariously, of course, but damned exciting.

    Again, congrats buddy.

  3. GeekMan says:

    Wow! I disappear for a few months and when I come back everyone’s got delusions of grandeur? Well, at least I can tell all the folks at the old age home that I knew Solonor before he was famous. And when they ask me what he was like, I

  4. Kevin says:

    So does these mean I have to crumble and get one of them thar Last.FM accounts just to prove that people outside the known world listen to your mad tunes too?

  5. Somewhat says:

    5-10 days? BUT I WANT IT NOWWWWW!

  6. statia says:

    Dude. Who knew you had like… talent. Total rarity.

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