Maybe A Herd Of Dollar Signs?

‘Trampled’ Wal-Mart Shopper Has History Of Injury Claims

And people wonder why we’re all skeptics…

[ via rowdigirl ]

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3 Responses to Maybe A Herd Of Dollar Signs?

  1. Empress says:

    I thought that Walmart’s reaction to this – putting aside a DVD player for her to buy – was so funny! Initially, I thought they should have just given her one, but now that we find out she’s a compulsive trample-ee, I guess they were dead on in their decision!

  2. Solonor says:

    I like Wal-Mart’s quote: “We will investigate this claim as thoroughly as we have the other 10 claims that this customer and her sister have brought against our stores in the past.”

  3. Random News Bits for Friday

    The ‘trampled’ Wal-Mart shopper has a history of filing claims…

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