Remember To Stay Demented!

It’s time for the year end countdown that really matters: The Dr. Demento Show Funny 25!

As with the last couple of years, I’ve used this to update my own tabulation of the TOP 100 (or so) DEMENTED HITS (from Funny 25

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3 Responses to Remember To Stay Demented!

  1. Brian says:

    It’s very comforting to know that the true classics — Fish Heads, Dead Puppies, They’re Coming To Take Me Away, etc. — are still going strong with the Dear Doctor.

  2. picklejuice says:

    OMG – Stephen Lynch *pant, pant* Hubba, hubba, aahhOOOOGggaahhhh!

    Sorry ’bout that. *rolling tongue back into mouth*

    What was I gonna say? Oh yeah, what Brian said.

    I take issue with the inclusion of Warren Zevon, however, but I’m too hyped up over Stephen Lynch to make a coherent argument at the moment.

    Cuz he be all hot an’ stuff.

  3. Lambchop says:

    What – no John Valby? Although I don’t suppose that 99% of his stuff can actually be played on the radio…

    I remember when Star Trekkin’ came out – I thought it was brilliant and I still love to listen to it occasionally. 🙂

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