Super Geek

52.66272% – Super Geek. Super Geek. He’s super geeking out.

If you have about an HOUR to kill, go take The Geek Test.

And, as Dragonleg so kindly pointed out today, I am evil, too.

I dunno. I think the Geek Test has a flaw. There is no way that I’m 18.93491% more geek than this guy.

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11 Responses to Super Geek

  1. Busy_mom64 says:

    He’s a very geeky boy…the kinda you won’t take home to mutha…super geek, super geek, he’s super geeky now (da na na na, da na da na).

  2. She’s such a Geek

    I’m only 21.10454% – Geek which will come as a tremendous surprise to the people in IRL who think I’m a Total Geek. Is there a Dork test? I’ll be aspiring to increasing my MT-Do levels, thanks. [i’m way less geeky than Solonor. I’m also way younger. th…

  3. Yeah, well my dog can still lick your ass.

  4. sue bailey says:

    47.73176% – Super Geek
    That’s a terrible score. Must do better…

  5. Extreme Geekiness

    I am an X-Geek. The Geek Test 55.6213% – Extreme Geek Heh, I didn’t think it would come out that

  6. Ric The Schmuck says:

    34.91124% – Total Geek
    Not so hot on the geeky scale, and I didn’t even lie too much to inflate the score…. Of course, being a geek that absolutley hates math kinda handicaps me in this poll, as there are multiples of math-related geeky things that don’t apply to me, alas. So for a mathematically challenged geek, I’m doing OK, I guess.

  7. GeekMan says:

    64.10256% – Extreme Geek

    And I didn’t even cheat. Bee-yatch.

  8. Ric The Schmuck says:

    Oh and by the way, I love Dragonlegs proof that you are indeed eeeeeeeevillllllllll. It is very cool, and very enlightening, as well. 🙂 (Further proof to watch out for the “nice guys” who are always smiling and happy. Oooops, that means me, too. Damn, how am I gonna watch out for the likes of me?)

  9. I only got somewhere around 28%…there weren’t enough gaming questions, though there were quite a few. Hey 28% in 16 years! Wow, when I’m 32 I’ll be geekier than you!

  10. Just a Few Math Skills Away From Being Dysfunctional…

    65.08876% – Geek God Take The Geek Test and see where you score. via: ***Dave does the blog – 48.71795%

  11. Cuppa Tea says:

    I’m not much of a geek, Dot Lizard hooha, fear of celery, Nixon, and lyrics for Bunny

    Thanks for dropping by BatChat everyone! I’ll have quotes up later this weekend. And contrary to some reports there was no paddling. Except for Scooter, who was paddled but sadly he didn’t notice. Which reminds me – Solonor forced me (yes, I had to do …

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