2031 Champion

Minas Ithil
Minas Ithil Wyrms

2031 Awards

Aragorn MVP
Shire: B. *Trolbasher (MI)
Mordor: H. Rockdelver (DG)

Gandalf Pitcher Award
Shire: N. Celorfilad (MI)
Mordor: B. Moss (DM)

Sam Gamgee Batter Award
Shire: B. *Trollbasher (MI)
Mordor: H. Rockdelver (DG)

Gwaihir Reliever Award
Shire: D. Earathien (BRE)
Mordor: N. Fingertortuer (DAG)

Frodo Rookie Award
Shire: H. Chang (BRE)
Mordor: V. Legélindë (RAV)

2030 Champion

Minas Ithil
Minas Ithil Wyrms

2029 Champion

Minas Ithil
Minas Ithil Wyrms

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Minas Ithil
Minas Ithil Wyrms

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Moria Miners

2026 Champion

Ravenhill Darkwings

2025 Champion

Minas Morgul
Minas Morgul Slayers

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Bucklebury Fairies

2023 Champion

Bucklebury Fairies

2022 Champion

Misty Mountain
Misty Mountain Hops

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Isengard Raiders

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Mirkwood Marauders

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Old Forest
Old Forest Merry Fellows

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Isengard Raiders
Isengard Raiders

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Bywater Bounders
Bywater Bounders

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Old Forest Merry Fellows
Old Forest Merry Fellows

2015 Champion

Bree Cheese
Bree Cheese

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Dunharrow Devils
Dunharrow Devils

2013 Champion

Misty Mountain Hops
Misty Mountain Hops

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Dagorlad Disaster
Dagorlad Disaster

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Mirkwood Marauders
Mirkwood Marauders

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Minas Morgul Slayers
Minas Morgul Slayers

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Old Forest Merry Fellows
Old Forest Merry Fellows

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2008 Numenor Kings
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Mirkwood Marauders

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Mirkwood Marauders

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2003 Wilderland Wargs
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(August 27, 2015) Posted: 6:48 PM EDT.

Minas Tirith Titans, Royals Agree to Trade

Thursday, December 4th, 2031
Signed ... sealed ... and delivered.

Minas Tirith has worked out terms of a deal to send 28-year-old LF Ban Gree and $502,000 in cash to Rivendell for 32-year-old minor league RHP Tinelieth Gianteater and 20-year-old minor league LHP Ruzrat the Atrocious. Both teams expect to introduce their new players at press conferences later in the week.

Gianteater has allowed opponents a batting average of .281 throughout his career and he has rung up 63 strikeouts in 126.1 innings, while registering no saves in 22 games. His record is 8 wins-6 losses with a 5.27 ERA.

FREE AGENCY: The Top 5 Shortstops

by Tobias Goatleaf, Bree Sporting News

Goatleaf's attention now turns to the shortstop crowd and the top 5 players in the free agent pool at that position.


(August 25, 2015) Posted: 6:18 PM EDT.

FREE AGENCY: The Top 5 Second Basemen

by Tobias Goatleaf, Bree Sporting News

Continuing his series of position-by-position reviews of the upcoming free agent market, Tobias Goatleaf, GM of the Bree Cheese, takes a look at the best of the second basemen in this year's crop.


FREE AGENCY: The Top 5 First Basemen

by Tobias Goatleaf, Bree Sporting News

We all have a clear mental image of a first baseman: a massive, barrel-chested man, slow of foot and almost useless in the field but a monster with the bat. Sadly, that's not the state of the talent pool in Middle Earth: last year, only 5 of the top 50 hitters in OPS and 2 of the top 30 home run hitters played first. Once you get past Minas Ithil's Marin Goldtearer and Moria legend Nose Gladriera, you're not left with a lot of top-flight talent. Goldtearer and The Schnozz are both staying put this winter, so if you're looking to snag a first baseman, there are only a few really good options. (Unless, of course, you choose to hire an infielder who plays another position and assume he can get the job done in the field... but these rankings go by listed position only.)


FREE AGENCY: The Top 5 Catchers

by Tobias Goatleaf, Bree Sporting News

In the first installment of this look at the 2031-32 free agent class, we'll be looking at a real feast-or-famine position: catcher. Players like Scarlett III and Arghren Glimmerhand rank among the all-time greats, and a new generation is joining them in fame. The next decade of SGCBL history will belong to names like Brutus Trollbasher, Eideron Knucklebreaker, Farmak the Runner, Norman Xanatos and DeForest Hamrh. (In particular, five-time MVP Trollbasher's place in the history books is already assured.)

But for those teams not lucky enough to have an elite catcher, the pickings can be quite slim. This article is about the top 5 catchers, but some of these guys don't have much to recommend them beyond "well, he has a pulse and owns a catcher's mitt." And looking at some of the catchers who get playing time in this league, that's probably enough. (Indeed, if the proposed amendment to SGCBL bylaws allowing barrow wights to play the position passes, some teams might be fine with one out of two...)


(August 24, 2015) Posted: 7:54 PM EDT.

Trade: Forgedelver for Rappaport

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2031
The Stars and Spheres have been engaged in a little wheeling and dealing. They have just concluded a trade with 28-year-old 2B Dumli Forgedelver and 18-year-old minor league RHP Vamsh Tearjerker going to Dyson in exchange for 30-year-old LF Bajiru Rappaport.

Lifetime Forgedelver has hit .231 with 74 hits, 8 home runs, 40 RBIs and scored 29 runs.

Rappaport has a lifetime average of .220, has played in 135 games, and has collected 14 home runs and 52 RBIs.

SGCBL News: Free Agents File

Monday, December 1st, 2031
Today marks the start of the SGCBL free agency period.

Clubhouses across Tolkien Baseball were already abuzz with rumors as players began filing at midnight. They will be able to negotiate deals with any club in the league.

Once the first major signing is announced, teams will scramble to gobble up whatever talent they can reasonably get. The only thing that is certain is that there will be a lot of new faces in the clubhouses at the start of next season.

Media analysts expect the biggest news to center around a handful of free agents, including:

Beama Belamir, 29 year-old C
Flormina Celim, 33 year-old 2B
Issra Earadriethien, 31 year-old RF
Ediberto Whistler, 29 year-old LH SP
Freodriel Eärémbor, 37 year-old RF
Gloisil Orebreaker, 31 year-old RF
Irene Ploughman, 36 year-old RF
Satina Isauron, 35 year-old LF
Glodunter Cavernsplitter, 31 year-old CF
Theoden Trollgobber, 26 year-old RF

(August 17, 2015) Posted: 9:15 PM EDT.

Ravenhill's Evans Cops MC Best Manager Award

Wednesday, November 19th, 2031
Just about any objective fan of the Ravenhill Darkwings would have to admit that William Evans is worthy of the Mordor Conference Manager of the Year Award. But it wasn't that way at first.

"In the beginning it was rocky," noted Evans, "The fans really gave it to me. Somewhere along the line we just began putting things together, picking up a win here and there, and morphing into a team--not just a bunch of guys doing their own thing."

Evans paced the Darkwings to a first place finish in the Mordor Conference Goblin Division. Ravenhill wound up the season with a 102-60 record.

As for next year, Evans said, "We're always tweaking things, trying to improve the club. You don't rest after winning awards. I'm here to make the Darkwings a perennial powerhouse."

SC Manager of the Year Award Given to Gnomedragger

Wednesday, November 19th, 2031
Bree manager Tonak Gnomedragger was selected as the 2031 Shire Conference Manager of the Year today.

He was somewhat of a dark horse next to some of the more flashy managers up for the award. Gnomedragger, who prefers that everyone call him "Cap" or "Skip," tries to shy away from the limelight in a media-driven world.

"It's really unfair to the guys that busted their humps all year long to put all the focus on me now. They showed up early, put in extra time in the cage, worked on their fielding, consulted with our coaching staff and really made 2031 a highlight in my career."

In fairness to this year's Manager of the Year, Gnomedragger certainly played an important part in the Cheese success as he guided them to a first place finish in the Shire Conference Dwarf Division and a 114-48 record.

Link to this story | more from Bree, more from League News

Rockdelver Named 2031 MC Aragorn MVP

Saturday, November 15th, 2031
In winning his first career MVP, Hisin Rockdelver made things easy for Mordor Conference voters. The Dol Guldur third baseman put up a monstrous RBI total of 141 to go with his 44 HR, 39 Doubles, and .307 Batting Average. He was earlier named the MC Sam Gamgee winner and took home the first MC Gimli's Axe award for the top hitter at 3B.

There was a tie in the race for 2nd place, with Isengard second baseman, Tella Gamama garnering more 1st place votes than Joe Graves, the 22-game winner from Ravenhill.

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