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Minas Ithil
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2031 Awards

Aragorn MVP
Shire: B. *Trolbasher (MI)
Mordor: H. Rockdelver (DG)

Gandalf Pitcher Award
Shire: N. Celorfilad (MI)
Mordor: B. Moss (DM)

Sam Gamgee Batter Award
Shire: B. *Trollbasher (MI)
Mordor: H. Rockdelver (DG)

Gwaihir Reliever Award
Shire: D. Earathien (BRE)
Mordor: N. Fingertortuer (DAG)

Frodo Rookie Award
Shire: H. Chang (BRE)
Mordor: V. Legélindë (RAV)

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(September 3, 2015) Posted: 7:10 PM EDT.

Moria Wins Lottery for CF Cavernsplitter

Monday, December 15th, 2031
The Moria Miners have called a press conference later today to announce the signing of center fielder Glodunter Cavernsplitter to a 4-year, $11,200,000 contract.

Both Cavernsplitter and the Miners are said to be very pleased to come to this agreement.

To date Cavernsplitter has a .231 career batting average and has totaled 80 home runs.

Bounders Star Wrecks One-Of-A-Kind Cart

Sunday, December 14th, 2031
Bywater star Higak the Rude is known for his hard-driving play on the field, but after what happened this week, he should probably drive a little more carefully on the roads.

The star center fielder was driving late at night on a winding road and smashed right into a highway barrier. He escaped with only scrapes and bruises and is listed as day-to-day, but the bigger injuries are to his wallet and his pride--the cart, which was completely totaled, was a custom-built luxury carriage valued at half a million dollars.

He angrily declined to take questions as he limped out of an Bywater-area hospital last night, but his publicist released the following statement: "Higak is happy to be home with his family, and knows how lucky he is to have escaped nearly unhurt. He will be more careful in future, and he knows that carts, unlike people, can always be replaced."

Maybe so, but if he wants to be able to replace this one, he may need to drive a hard bargain when he next comes to the negotiating table.

Nosebasher Has New Offseason Workout Plan

Sunday, December 14th, 2031
Suukak Nosebasher of the Bywater Bounders said he has a new workout plan for the offseason, which he hopes will get him in the best shape of his life.

The second baseman has decided to take up Crossfit, the hugely popular high-intensity interval training program which also has weightlifting and gymnastics elements.

"It's a lot of fun," he said. "I feel it's going to keep me in shape all offseason long and hopefully lead to a great season."

While it remains to be seen if this is the best course of training for a baseball player or professional athlete, Nosebasher seems excited.

"I'm looking forward to going to the gym every day," he said.

Trample Files For Bankruptcy

Sunday, December 14th, 2031
Carrock catcher, Isumbras Trample, filed for bankruptcy this morning in a Carrock court. According to the Chapter 7 filing, Mr. Trample's restaurant chain lost $5.5 million last year. Among his assets, the catcher listed over 2 million in rubies and sapphires.

Isumbras has been quoted as saying, "What can I tell you? Those gems are the epitome of class. I can't say anything about my financial situation. Go through my lawyer."

Pansy Dogwood, The Smartest Man on the Field

Sunday, December 14th, 2031
Throughout baseball's history, a player's intelligence has rarely factored into his legacy. Some player insist that in fact, intelligent player's are looked down on by GM's and owners as someone they would rather not have in their locker room. After all, a smart player is less likely to make dumb financial decisions and accept a bad contract.

However, when a player as good as Pansy Dogwood walks on the field, GM's and owners alike take note even though he would fit in just as well in the owner's meeting. As a young boy, Dogwood had an IQ of 150. Growing up in Hobbiton, he dreamed about baseball...and going to University. He had always been naturally athletic, but also excelled in academics.

When asked now why he went to college even though he had numerous chances to sign with a professional team right out of high school he said, "I know my baseball career isn't going to last forever and when it's gone, it was important to have something to fall back to. In college, I majored in business management and it has really changed the way I look at the business of baseball."

His brain power has certainly not made him any enemies in the locker room. Numenor Kings teammate, Grort the Goblin Killer, said of Pansy, "He is the most normal ball player in the world. He puts on his cleats one at a time just like the rest of the team. Of course, unlike the rest of the guys, he occasionally talks about which companies to invest our money in, and that's when we tend to do something smart - we shut up and listen."

Aldous Huxley To Release Album

Sunday, December 14, 2031
While everyone knows his skills on the baseball diamond, few people realized that Aldous Huxley has skills in the recording studio too.

The Grey Havens Stars third baseman announced today that he will release a acoustic guitar album.

"It's something I've been interested in for a while and this offseason I just decided to make it official and get it done," he said. "I don't plan on leaving baseball behind quite yet, but I'm hoping this album does well."

The release is self-titled and is expected to be in stores across the country this week. It features Huxley providing vocals as well as playing instruments.

"I've heard a couple of the songs, it's not half bad," said teammate Hamson Willowbottom. "Some of the guys have ribbed Aldous about his music before, but I don't think anyone's laughing now."

Chang Raises Money for Local Charity

Sunday, December 14, 2031
Bree Cheese 3B, Halewyn Chang, has been active in the Bree community this offseason. He organized a poker tournament to raise money for the charity "Chain Of Hope."

"I have to thank my teammates, as well as all the amazing folks from the surrounding area that attended my event. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for animals, and it's a blessing to be able to help the cause," he said.

"I plan to make this poker tournament an annual event. You don't have to twist too many arms to get a good turn out for a fun, social event like this."

Tognar Ringworker Donates Time and Money to Local Cancer Research Facility

Sunday, December 14, 2031
In a news conference today, Minas Morgul catcher Tognar Ringworker has pledged to donate one-tenth of his 2031 salary to the Middle Earth Cancer Society.

"I don't do it for the headlines; I do it for the patients and their families that are suffering through surgeries and treatment and recovery. Hopefully, one day, we can all find a cure. I'm happy to contribute to that goal, knowing that my money will be used for the greater good."

Tavja Elarandel, Attends Leadership Seminar

Some say it's impossible to teach an old dog new tricks, but try saying that to 32-year-old Bywater Bounders's starting pitcher Tavja Elarandel.

Elarandel, a major league veteran, attended a Bywater leadership conference last Sunday, hoping to hone his clubhouse skills.

"I'm getting up there in age now and I want to make sure I can serve as a mentor to some of the young guys coming up," said Elarandel, known league-wide for his fostering of young players. "I want to be able to more effectively pass down the knowledge I've obtained to the younger guys, so we all get to see some better ball."

Earalinde Takes Tumble Down Stairs, Injures Shoulder

Sunday, December 14, 2031
Dol Guldur starting pitcher Arwauden Earalinde was injured yesterday when he fell down a flight of stairs at his home. Earalinde reportedly suffered a dislocated shoulder, along with other minor injuries, and is expected to be out of commission for up to 2 months.

Dead Marshes Uruk-hai's left fielder, Dudo Hornblower, Hosts Blood Bowl Draft Party

Sunday, December 14, 2031
The Dead Marshes Uruk-hai 30 year old LF is hosting this year's Blood Bowl team draft later this month.

When a local reporter asked him about this, he had some interesting comments.

"A lot of the teammates have partaken in this activity in the past and it leads to players staying in even better touch during the offseason. Guys like Bulbo Moss are a ton of fun to hang out with on or off the field," he said. A lot of ribbing and friendly banter during the winter months gives us even more incentive to stay in contact with one another. They won't hear the end of it when I run up the score on them, that can be assured."

Star Upset over Hollywood Flop

Sunday, December 14, 2031
Brutus *Trollbasher tested the waters of Hollywood this offseason, with a supporting role in the big budget action film, "The Balrog's Lament". He was all smiles at last month's premier, posing on the red carpet for tabloid photographers.
Unfortunately for *Trollbasher, the film did not enjoy the kindest of reviews. Critics have universally panned the movie, calling it "The Modern Day Ishtar." *Trollbasher's acting was also not well received, with one critic calling his performance as Gandalf the Grey "pathetically laughable," and saying, "...he should stick to baseball."

The Minas Ithil Wyrms's catcher has yet to comment on whether or not he'll reprise his role as Gandalf in the sequel announced earlier this week.

Most friends find that move unlikely as *Trollbasher has taken the critical panning harshly. One friend, wanting to remain anonymous was quoted as saying, "Brutus has a big ego and was really hurt by the criticism of his acting. There is no way he will be doing a sequel."

Aging Hurler Turns to Tai Chi to Revitalize Career

Sunday, December 14, 2031
Vrsorbag the Wretched may have found the fountain of youth in martial arts, specifically Tai Chi.

the Wretched has had plenty of success, starting in a bunch of games over his career, but the wear and tear of being a major league pitcher has begun to take its toll on the 36 year old's body, a process which the Wretched hopes to hinder by practicing the ancient martial art.

"It's a very spiritual process. Lot's of meditation and visualization. I feel better and stronger than I have in years."

And while the Wretched may never be an elite pitcher in his later years, with the new daily routine and a positive outlook, he hopes to contribute at a high level for a while longer.

Minas Tirith Wins SP Whistler Sweepstakes

Saturday, December 13th, 2031
Rumors of a deal between Ediberto Whistler and Minas Tirith finally bore fruit today as the two sides faced a packed press corps. Titans officials looked very pleased as they outlined the terms of the new deal.

Whistler will earn $22,114,285 per year for 7 years, and is expected to make a solid addition to his new club.

In his career Whistler has amassed 93 wins and 42 losses with an ERA of 3.23 and 1227 strikeouts.

(August 31, 2015) Posted: 6:39 PM EDT.

Eladriewen Signs for 3 years

Sunday, December 7th, 2031
Happy times in Mirkwood as the Sylvan and star starting pitcher Eimer Eladriewen put the finishing touches on a $16,500,000 contract extension that will keep the 24-year-old in town 3 years longer.

The signing is great news for Mirkwood because players of this caliber are hard to come by.

Since joining the league, Eladriewen has compiled an ERA of 4.90 with a career record of 14-25. He has 374 strikeouts in 374.2 innings and has held opponents to a .232 batting average.

(August 27, 2015) Posted: 6:48 PM EDT.

Minas Tirith Titans, Royals Agree to Trade

Thursday, December 4th, 2031
Signed ... sealed ... and delivered.

Minas Tirith has worked out terms of a deal to send 28-year-old LF Ban Gree and $502,000 in cash to Rivendell for 32-year-old minor league RHP Tinelieth Gianteater and 20-year-old minor league LHP Ruzrat the Atrocious. Both teams expect to introduce their new players at press conferences later in the week.

Gianteater has allowed opponents a batting average of .281 throughout his career and he has rung up 63 strikeouts in 126.1 innings, while registering no saves in 22 games. His record is 8 wins-6 losses with a 5.27 ERA.

FREE AGENCY: The Top 5 Shortstops

by Tobias Goatleaf, Bree Sporting News

Goatleaf's attention now turns to the shortstop crowd and the top 5 players in the free agent pool at that position.


(August 25, 2015) Posted: 6:18 PM EDT.

FREE AGENCY: The Top 5 Second Basemen

by Tobias Goatleaf, Bree Sporting News

Continuing his series of position-by-position reviews of the upcoming free agent market, Tobias Goatleaf, GM of the Bree Cheese, takes a look at the best of the second basemen in this year's crop.


FREE AGENCY: The Top 5 First Basemen

by Tobias Goatleaf, Bree Sporting News

We all have a clear mental image of a first baseman: a massive, barrel-chested man, slow of foot and almost useless in the field but a monster with the bat. Sadly, that's not the state of the talent pool in Middle Earth: last year, only 5 of the top 50 hitters in OPS and 2 of the top 30 home run hitters played first. Once you get past Minas Ithil's Marin Goldtearer and Moria legend Nose Gladriera, you're not left with a lot of top-flight talent. Goldtearer and The Schnozz are both staying put this winter, so if you're looking to snag a first baseman, there are only a few really good options. (Unless, of course, you choose to hire an infielder who plays another position and assume he can get the job done in the field... but these rankings go by listed position only.)


FREE AGENCY: The Top 5 Catchers

by Tobias Goatleaf, Bree Sporting News

In the first installment of this look at the 2031-32 free agent class, we'll be looking at a real feast-or-famine position: catcher. Players like Scarlett III and Arghren Glimmerhand rank among the all-time greats, and a new generation is joining them in fame. The next decade of SGCBL history will belong to names like Brutus Trollbasher, Eideron Knucklebreaker, Farmak the Runner, Norman Xanatos and DeForest Hamrh. (In particular, five-time MVP Trollbasher's place in the history books is already assured.)

But for those teams not lucky enough to have an elite catcher, the pickings can be quite slim. This article is about the top 5 catchers, but some of these guys don't have much to recommend them beyond "well, he has a pulse and owns a catcher's mitt." And looking at some of the catchers who get playing time in this league, that's probably enough. (Indeed, if the proposed amendment to SGCBL bylaws allowing barrow wights to play the position passes, some teams might be fine with one out of two...)


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