2030 Champion

Minas Ithil
Minas Ithil Wyrms

2030 Awards

Aragorn MVP
Shire: B. *Trollbasher (MI)
Mordor: B. Moss (DM)

Gandalf Pitcher Award
Shire: N. Celorfilad (MI)
Mordor: B. Moss (DM)

Sam Gamgee Batter Award
Shire: B. *Trollbasher (MI)
Mordor: T. *Gomdrol (MM)

Gwaihir Reliever Award
Shire: J. Tinovorsh (RIV)
Mordor: M. Ta'Quan (WT)

Frodo Rookie Award
Shire: D. *Silverwolf (LT)
Mordor: F. *Baggins (RAV)

2029 Champion

Minas Ithil
Minas Ithil Wyrms

2028 Champion

Minas Ithil
Minas Ithil Wyrms

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Moria Miners

2026 Champion

Ravenhill Darkwings

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Minas Morgul
Minas Morgul Slayers

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Bucklebury Fairies

2023 Champion

Bucklebury Fairies

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Misty Mountain
Misty Mountain Hops

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Isengard Raiders

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Mirkwood Marauders

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Old Forest
Old Forest Merry Fellows

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Isengard Raiders
Isengard Raiders

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Bywater Bounders
Bywater Bounders

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Old Forest Merry Fellows
Old Forest Merry Fellows

2015 Champion

Bree Cheese
Bree Cheese

2014 Champion

Dunharrow Devils
Dunharrow Devils

2013 Champion

Misty Mountain Hops
Misty Mountain Hops

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Dagorlad Disaster
Dagorlad Disaster

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Mirkwood Marauders
Mirkwood Marauders

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Minas Morgul Slayers
Minas Morgul Slayers

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Old Forest Merry Fellows
Old Forest Merry Fellows

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2008 Numenor Kings
Numenor Kings

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2007 Mirkwood Marauders
Mirkwood Marauders

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2006 Mirkwood Marauders
Mirkwood Marauders

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2005 Mirkwood Marauders
Mirkwood Marauders

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2004 Numenor Kings
Numenor Kings

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2003 Wilderland Wargs
Wilderland Wargs

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(March 31, 2015) Posted: 7:06 PM EDT.

2031 Spring Training Preview, part 2

In the second part of our series, we look at some of the trades that will shape the upcoming season.

After some movement of minor league players and lesser quality major leaguers, trading heated up in late December when Bree managed to snag infielder Valentine Denelmore from the Dyson Spheres in exchange for outfielder Ponto Bramble and a minor league pitcher. Denelmore, 25, was the 2nd pick of the NNY Blernsballers in 2027 and immediately showed his glove, winning Glove Wizard awards at 2B in 2027 and 2028. An all-around defensive gem, the Cheese look to use him at shortstop, and though not blessed with power, "Lord Valentine" has the kind of on-base numbers to make him an ideal lead-off or #2 hitter. Meanwhile, the veteran Bramble will take his speed and power to Hatchets Stadium for the expansion Spheres.


2031 Spring Training Preview

There's been a lot of activity going on this pre-season, and Middle Earth Sports Network (MESN) is here to help you decipher it all. In this, the first of a multi-part series, MESN looks at the moves and the goals, the hopes and the prospects, for teams on the brink of Spring Training.


(March 30, 2015) Posted: 7:27 PM EDT.

Star SP Signs Pact with Fairies

Friday, February 21st, 2031
Happy times in Bucklebury as the Fairies and star starting pitcher Clarence Buckland put the finishing touches on a $12,000,000 contract extension that will keep the 30-year-old in town 3 years longer.

The signing is great news for Bucklebury because players of this caliber are hard to come by.

So far in his career, Buckland has collected 86 wins and 55 losses and has recorded an ERA of 4.29 and struck out 1173 batters while pitching 1205.1 innings.

Deal: Orcsmith for Beckford

Thursday, February 20th, 2031
Grey Havens and Serenity Valley have made a swap. Players involved in the transaction are the Stars 30-year-old SS Puuggek Orcsmith, 23-year-old minor league RHP Zuseen Badgerbadger and $2,980,000 in cash and the Fireflies 30-year-old C Gollilm Beckford.

In his career Orcsmith has played in 1153 games with a .277 batting average. Among his 1066 hits are 256 doubles, 15 triples, and 92 home runs. He also has scored 536 runs, walked 486 times, has 3 stolen bases and driven in 532 runs.

Cheese, Fireflies Agree to Deal

Monday, February 17th, 2031
Several Cheese and Fireflies players soon will have to start shopping for a new home. It was announced today that the two teams came to agreement on a trade. Bree will get 25-year-old RHP Donethirion Earathien, 26-year-old RHP Celiborn Halelbo and 24-year-old RHP Namak Bloodbelly and Serenity Valley will pick up 36-year-old 3B Minto Mulhall, 31-year-old RF Rukak Ettincrusher, 27-year-old minor league CF Thulla Eowar, 22-year-old minor league LHP Dasur Clevereye and 30-year-old RHP Hob Kendrick in return. "I'm not surprised by the news," one of the players told reporters, "It's part of the business and I understand that. I am looking forward to playing for the Cheese."

Star Crossed: Gollilas, Stonerapper Switch Teams

Monday, February 17th, 2031
The Bree Cheese and Land of Oz Munchkins are the top story in baseball circles today with a huge trade. The Cheese will give up 29-year-old LF Ive Gollilas, 27-year-old 2B Eranak the Unknowing, 28-year-old SS Radiden Anvil-tester and 29-year-old RHP Irene Whitfoot in return for 28-year-old LF Dejahdor Stonerapper. Bree's GM told reporters, "You got to give up talent to get talent. Nobody just gives it away."

Gollilas has a lifetime .266 batting average and .311 on-base percentage in his 598-game career with 570 hits and 102 home runs.

Thrithien and the Stutterer Dealt

Monday, February 17th, 2031
The Bucklebury Fairies swapped 27-year-old CF Gollilnd Thrithien, 28-year-old SS Nirag Drowstomper, 28-year-old CF Folli the Ruler and $1,000,000 in cash for 25-year-old 2B Fak Heartkicker and 27-year-old CF Vrudak the Stutterer of the Fireflies after what Serenity Valley officials would only characterize as "difficult" negotiations.

Thrithien is hitting .311 lifetime with 225 hits, 43 doubles, 4 triples, 22 home runs and 99 RBIs to date. He has scored 106 runs and stolen 15 bases.

Bucklebury Trades Moss for Intergalactic's Greasy

Monday, February 17th, 2031
In a move that has left many fans wondering, the Bucklebury Fairies have traded 31-year-old 3B Chukky Moss and 27-year-old C Borg Bilas to the Intergalactic Hitchhikers. In return, the Fairies receive 27-year-old SS Greond Greasy.

His career numbers show Moss has batted .260 and collected 618 hits, 118 home runs and 408 RBIs.

Witch Kings Hire Frodo Ringbearer as Latest GM

Monday, February 17th, 2031
Can Weathertop win with Frodo Ringbearer at the helm?

Several respected baseball commentators urged team ownership to show patience with the new man.

"New general managers are always in a rough spot," wrote one. "The organization needs to take a thoughtful, weighted approach. It has some great talent, but it also has holes. Ringbearer shouldn't reinvent the wheel or feel pressured to make any knee-jerk decisions this early on. He should take his time and base his assessment of the club on logic."

Sage advice, if Weathertop will listen to it.

(March 29, 2015) Posted: 2:32 PM EDT.

Dol Guldur Announces Signing of The Necromancer as New General Manager

Monday, February 17th, 2031
Hope springs eternal.

At least that was the mood of the press conference when it was announced that The Necromancer would be the new GM of the Dol Guldur Dragons. Team owners and fans are really enthused about the signing and are looking forward to the upcoming season.

"I'm very honored to be working for the fans of Dol Guldur. We have several questions to resolve, and a wholesale team assessment to perform, along with time constraints to consider," The Necromancer told reporters at the press conference. "Baseball is a year-round job these days, and I'm fortunate to be working with the Dragons ownership."

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